John McKinney
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John McKinney DBA McKinney Associates, Inc., Massachusetts
Microsoft Partner Program Registered Member
Specializing in Microsoft ACCESS-VBA rapid application development for Fortune 500. ... Applying my background of a Harvard MBA and IBM business experience to create solutions for clients. ... Designed relational databases for managing businesses. Applications include: profit and loss reporting system, world-wide business problem status, sales analysis, budgeting, and information databases. See attached Selected Projects.  Created reports, tables, forms, queries, SQL, macros, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) modules. Examples of tables and forms are chart of accounts, customers, invoices, products, and product test analysis. Examples of reports are budgets, P&L, and sales analysis. Created Intranet web sites for Fortune 100 client. ... Converted applications from Excel spreadsheets to Access database on-line accessible systems. ... Developing applications in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Access, and MS Expression Web. Established McKinney Associates initially as a Microsoft Solution Provider. ... Completed the Consulting Business Essentials Course taught by Microsoft.

IBM Corporation: New York, Massachusetts
  - BUSINESS RESULTS: Developed applications, sold, and installed millions of dollars of IBM systems. ... Evaluated customer requirements and authored the requirements document for future processors for large scale customers (sales in $ Billions). IBM engineers use this document as the objective for their design.   Created forecasts.  Developed product plans. ... Directed a team managing joint development studies with Fortune 500 companies that assisted in creating $100s of millions of early revenue. ... Conceived a plan to open up a large market in Japan; produced close to $100 million revenue. ... Conceived the 3033 Attached Processor; held the competition; produced half a billion dollars.

  - LEADERSHIP: Created new departments; recruited outstanding staff; and built successful departments. ... Created a strategic planning process that focused a 3,000+ person lab on specific future products thereby saving millions in development cost. ... During training phases was Class President and/or #1 in class in IBM training schools.

  - SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTOR: Received many monetary awards for outstanding individual performance: for example, persuaded IBM executives to "kill" an ill-conceived product thereby saving an estimated $60 million of profit.

  - MBA Harvard University, Boston, MA
  - BA Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

Naval Intelligence Officer, Pentagon, Washington, DC
  - Liaison Officer to Foreign Naval Attaches in Embassies.
  - Acted as Aide to the Secretary of Defense on one occasion.

PUBLICATIONS - Co-authored chapter on information systems in "College & University Handbook" published by McGraw-Hill. ... Involved in creating "IBM System/390, A Business Perspective" published by Wiley. ... Photographs published in "Saturday Evening Post" and "Boy's Life" magazines. Edited "Memphis Market News."


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